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What should a rabbit eat?


Your rabbits main diet should be rabbit pellets. The most common amount of pellets they should eat is 1 ounce of pellets per 1 pound of  rabbit, so if your rabbit weighs 3 pounds it should receive 3 ounces of pellets per day.  But rabbits under 4 months of age should have food in front of them 24/7 because they are growing a lot. Quality rabbit pellets should contain 16% to 18% protein and at least 16% fiber. Rabbit pellets can spoil or get moldy so you should only buy as much pellets as your rabbit/s will eat in a month.




Rabbits should be fed hay every day and it should be half of their diet. Hay helps reduce hair balls and intestinal blockage which can kill a rabbit. The most common types of hay are timothy and alfalfa.




Rabbits over 6 months can be fed treats 2 to 3 times a week and make sure you only give them a small amount, make sure you avoid treats that contain chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Rabbits under 6 months of age should not be fed treats. When you give your rabbit treats make sure you check to see if there poop is still hard and in a ball form if it isn't you should stop giving your rabbit that treat.

Grooming your rabbit 



I use a brush that I bought at wall-mart in the cat section to groom my rabbits and it works well its gentle on the rabbit and gets the job done. You can use a wire comb on your rabbit to remove mats but be careful not to injure your rabbit if the mats are bad enough you can just cut them out with a scissors. When I groom my rabbits I also check there overall health.


Rabbits should be brushed weekly and some wool breeds every other day, especially when they are molting.


You can also get your hands wet and pet your rabbit wich will remove extra hair.


Clipping nails


When cutting a rabbits nails be careful not to cut the quick, this can be hard on rabbits with dark nails so use a flash light to illuminate the quick. Cutting into the quick will cause the nail to bleed but Styptic powder or baking soda can be applied to the nail to stop the bleeding.




This is were you should cut 

This is the clippers I use on my rabbits.